This medically and FDA approved machine is the best of the best in the industry and favourite by many celebrities and clinics.Contact us today to find out more or to book an appointment...

Fibroblast Skin Tightening Treatment

✔ Focuses on fat reduction

✔ Cellulite improvement

✔ Long term circumferential decrease

✔ Skin tightening and firming face and body

✔ Wrinkle reduction

✔ Lifting toning and firming muscles

✔ Detoxification and Improved drainage

✔ Enhanced blood circulation and oxygenation

✔ £100 per area

✔ 30 minutes each area

✔ No down time

✔ Lunch break treatment

Fibroblast v Surgery

Upper eyelids £395
Under Eyes £350
Crows Feet £250
Book Upper and Lower eyes and receive crows feet free £730
Cheek Lines £350
Lower Face £1000
Full Face £2000
Neck £700
Nasolabial Fold £250
Smokers Lines £450
Lower Lips to chin £400
Smokers lines and upper lip to chin £800
Acne scarring from £200
Skin Tag Removal POA

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